Introducing: visvim

Hiroki Nakamura’s visvim is often said to have inspired a cult-like or religious following that includes John Mayer and Eric Clapton.

Nakamura has an obsession for finding what gives an object its power. He calls the jeans he designs “Social Sculptures” because he builds them from the ground up starting with cotton fibers.

He has a penchant for natural dyes and their mutability over time. He famously caused a renewed interest in the vibrant reds derived from the parasite cochineal.

His footwear draws inspiration from old-world manufacturing like hand-stitched goodyear welts and mocassin construction to ensure the wearer’s feet are wrapped in leather.

With the objects he designs, he weaves a story full of a sweet nostalgia for the way things never were but maybe the way we like to remember them.

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Photography: Henry Vuu
Model: Nic Speed
Styling: Jake Gortmaker & Kal Kapur
Direction: Storr Erickson

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