Manastash at Hatchet Supply

Hearing the call of the natural world is part of life in Seattle. Just southeast of the city is Manastash Ridge offering an abundance of outdoor activites: skiing and hiking, rafting and mountain biking, camping and kayaking. 

That is why Manastash was founded in Seattle in 1993: to make the best clothing possible prioritizing function and sustainability above all else, but taking styling cues from the freewheeling lifestyle just outside the city.

Manastash at Hatchet Supply

In that quest, Manastash has turned to recycled and renewable materials in their garments, like using recycled plastics in their fleece and other pieces that benefit from added nylon for durability.

Manastash at Hatchet Supply

Hemp has proven to be an amazing, versatile natural fiber for casual and performance wear. Hemp fabric is durable, breathable, anti-bacterial, and UV-resistant. Hemp plants are resilient against insects, eliminating the use of pesticides and other toxic chemicals. They also detoxify their soil, making it healthier for nearby vegetation and making drinking water cleaner. 

Manastash at Hatchet Supply

Each Manastash piece is imbued with that earnest love of life outdoors - not just to experience it but to protect it.

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Model: Elijah Cole

Photographer: Stephen Han

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