Taylor Micaela Davis Talks about AutoCamp’s Origins, Mission, and Their New Location in the Catskills

AutoCamp is a unique premium overnight experience that marries camping's connection to the outdoors with the convenience and amenities you'd expect to find in high-end lodging. We interviewed Taylor Micaela Davis, AutoCamp's Vice President of Brand Marketing, about AutoCamp's beginnings and why they were destined to land in the Catskills.

How would you describe AutoCamp to someone who has never heard of it?

AutoCamp offers unique overnight lodging and accommodations in modern Airstream suites, safari-style tents, and cabins. AutoCamp brings boutique-style amenities, mid-century modern design, and welcoming hospitality to some of the world’s iconic outdoor destinations.

What was the inspiration for AutoCamp’s first site?

Camping has been a beloved pastime for years, bringing families and groups together for quality time with nature and each other. When we created AutoCamp, we wanted to keep what made this concept special, but bring in a modern twist.

When we landed in Guerneville, along the Russian River in Northern California, we knew it was the perfect place for our first full-scale site. Surrounded by redwoods and in close proximity to wine country, it seemed like an ideal place to balance our AutoCamp brand standards with the local aesthetic. We looked at various design concepts, but when we landed on the mid century modern, indoor/outdoor clubhouse, we knew that was the direction we had to go in. The site was built around that and the first flagship AutoCamp was born.

Why are people still drawn to sleeping in Airstreams and tents?

Whether you’re flying solo or traveling with the whole family, AutoCamp’s Airstreams, Luxury Tents and other suite options allow guests to relax in comfort, while still feeling deeply connected to the land. By removing the apprehension around having to do all of the planning for an outdoor experience, we’ve helped lower the barrier to entry for populations who may have never considered an outdoor trip before.

Additionally, we find that our Airstreams create an air of nostalgia around the Great American road trip for a lot of folks that visit the property.

What do you look for when scouting new AutoCamp locations?

When scouting for a new location, our team focuses on a few key factors including the culture, history, and community of a region. This includes easy access to the outdoors – state and national parks along with local hiking trails. All of our properties are in regions with distinctive individuality that is present across the community and its members. A huge part of our programming is focused on highlighting businesses and organizations that are unique to the areas our properties reside in.

Additionally, being adjacent to exciting towns has always been important to us – we want to be in places that are explorable and have amenities for guests to enjoy.

Why did AutoCamp choose to make a Catskills location?

There are some locations that just feel inevitable to us and Catskills has always been one of them due to the region's consistently thriving cultural and outdoor scene. The Catskills region has a long history of adventure, tourism and artistry, creating the perfect destination for families, city dwellers, international visitors or anyone else who is looking to experience a unique, active culture.

How should I prepare for a trip to AutoCamp Catskills?

One of the best parts about AutoCamp is that it takes a lot of the preparation and stress out of adventuring outdoors. We provide all the basic amenities so that you can get right to enjoying your time outdoors. All of our suites are fully equipped with everything from towels and linens to basic cookware, and a fire pit with a grill.
Guests have the option to either bring their own food and ingredients, or purchase items from the on-property general store.

If guests plan to hike or participate in other outdoor activities, they may want to bring a reusable water bottle, a backpack, layers, etc.

What do you think surprises people most on their first trip to AutoCamp Catskills? 

When guests visit AutoCamp for the first time, they are usually surprised to see how seamlessly the design of the property lends itself to the elements of nature in the area. The Catskills region provided us with a tremendous amount of architectural and design inspiration. To blend with this aesthetic, our architecture and design firm, Workshop/APD drew inspiration from traditional agrarian architecture and the rich local music culture.

Across properties, we find that guests are also shocked by how much there is to do on property and close by. This includes everything from swimming, biking, hiking and other outdoor activities along with AutoCamp-specific programming including yoga, forest bathing, and more.

People often will book a one night stay, thinking they can soak up the whole experience, but leave wishing they had stayed an additional night or two to explore more of the property.

Check out AutoCamp here.