Canada Goose's Response to COVID-19: 2.2 Million Scrubs and Gowns

 In March of this year, Canada Goose began to dedicate its Canadian factories to the manufacture of scrubs and gowns for healthcare workers and patients across Canada with an initial goal of 10,000 units.

By April, Canada Goose had reopened all 8 of its Canadian factories at full capacity, employing up to 900 people in their commitment to make over 2.2 million units of PPE for Canadian hospitals.

They have already donated 14,000 units to Canadian healthcare facilities, 20,000 units to Mt. Sinai in NYC, and 1 million RMB to the Wuhan Charity Federation.

“With one of the largest Canadian apparel manufacturing infrastructures in the country, we are uniquely positioned to re-tool our facilities and refocus our teams to produce a variety of personal protective equipment – and we are prepared to leverage all of our resources to do what's right for our country,” said Dani Reiss, President & CEO of Canada Goose.

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